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June 01, 2005
Issue #2005-06

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# Introduction
---- Hectic weeks.

# Designing a Career
---- Stop and think before quitting

# Things of Interest
---- University Film Festival Sponsorship Program
---- Macworld Conference & Expo
---- Siggraph 2005
---- Digital Video Expo East 2005

# FAQ / Q&A
---- What is the difference between Final Cut Pro and Avid
non-linear editing systems?

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It has been a busy past couple weeks. I will be teaching again at UCLA. The class is: Post Production for Film and Television. If you are part of the class, let me know.

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# Subject: Stop and think before quitting.

Do you hate to go to work? Do you want to find a better job or better yet that dream Entertainment job?

Read this first before you do anything foolish.

The first thing, which might not be exactly what you want to hear, is that the Entertainment Industry is changing and not necessary for the better. When I first started out several years ago, the Presidents of the Studios came from the creative world and their main concern was airing the best show the studio could produce.

When I worked on Hill Street Blues, and the Executive Producers were unhappy with what they saw with regards to dailies or when they had an Editor's cut and wanted to add another scene to help the flow, they would not hesitate to shoot what they needed.

Not any more. The Studios are run like a business and as a matter of fact, most of the Studios are owned and operated by big business. For example, Universal and NBC is owned by GE and their bottom line is the cost to shoot the show and how they will recoup the money.

If you notice, the shows no longer get picked up for 22 episodes a season. You are lucky if you get an order for 6. The network will order a pilot and maybe order 3 episodes. If the show's ratings are not good on the first run, the chances of the show getting canceled is very good.

This is bad for the cast and crew because now they are out of a job. Job security does not really exist but at least if you are on a show, you hope it will get picked up so you can work for 44 weeks. Not only do you have to worry about if a show will get picked up or not but the new interest is Reality shows. These shows are taking a large toll not only on employment, but salaries. To produce a Reality show costs substantially less than a half hour show and they still get the same revenue from the advertisers.

So, finding that perfect job is not as easy as it use to be. I was so happy when I worked at MTM, and after that I worked at other places but it was not the same. Finding that happy job is so hard. Even though I might have painted a not so rosy picture of the job market, when it is time to find a new job?

Here are reasons to leave your current job:

1) You should not stay in a job just for the money even though it might be good at the time. If you are so unhappy it does not matter how much you are making. I know how crazy this sounds but I was at a job making a lot of money but going home ever day and getting sick. I realized that my health was more important than the money. Plus, you might need the money to pay for your doctors bills for your ulcer you got on the job.

2) If you have been at the job or the company and you feel in your heart of hearts that you are not getting ahead or receiving that promotion, you need to think of finding another job.

3) If you are not moving in the direction you want to go. You are wasting your time and time is very important in the Entertainment Industry. If you like it or not the older you get the harder it is to get a job.

4) If you feel comfortable in the job and secure and that is the only reason why you are staying, you need to ask if you are happy with that, if you are that is ok.

Some Psychologist will say that leaving a job that you are comfortable in (even though you know you are not happy) is like breaking up with a relationship. You might feel secure with the job or relationship, but you know its time to go.

The best advice I can give you is look for a job while you are working. Never, and I mean never, leave until you have a job because in the Entertainment Industry jobs are very hard to find, as I mentioned above plus you have an income. So, you are at an advantage. You do not need to take any job while you are looking and you can find the job or opportunity you want.

If you are making good money, start saving just in case you find a job you really want but the pay is not as good as you thought. The salaries are not going up, as a matter of fact because there are so few jobs and so many people applying the salaries are getting lower. It is that old supply and demand theory.

Another good reason to stay working when you are looking for a better job is that you can negotiate a better salary. As I mentioned above salaries are lower but if the employer really wants you and knows you are working there might be room to increase your salary. But if the employer knows you are not working, they will give you want they want.

If you are interested in a specific company, most companies have a web site and part of their site is a section that will be labeled "Jobs" and will have a list of the current jobs with descriptions and how to apply for the job.

The most important point if you see a job on their site is not only apply for it online but you need to follow up on the job and this is just as important. You need to network and find someone who knows someone within the company to get past the numerous applications (both internal and external) that they will receive. You need to find someone who either knows someone in the HR department or in the area were the job is at. I guarantee that if you do not follow up or some how and pursue it in other ways you will not get a call for the job interview. I would also add the site to my favorites and search it once a week.


If you are looking where to send your resume to get jobs in the Film or TV Entertainment Industry or more tips and tricks, make sure to check out my upcoming eBook on how to find a Job in the Entertainment Industry - "Show you want to be in Show Biz?"


# University Film Festival Sponsorship Program

Avid is excited to launch its University Film Festival Sponsorship Program with the goal of empowering a wide range of aspiring film makers to realize their creative visions and gain visibility within the production industry. If your school hosts a film festival, Avid wants to support it by providing an Avid Xpress Pro software prize package to the winning film maker. To learn more about the Avid Xpress Pro software's extensive film editing capabilities - based on the Academy Award-winning Avid Film Composer product - or to read how film makers have used it to create some of the most successful and critically acclaimed independent films, visit

# Macworld Conference & Expo
Boston Convention & Exhibitor Center
July 18 - 21, 2005

At this convention, you will be able to see the latest innovations, tips, and tricks. If you want to request, information about this event there is a request form on their site -

# Siggraph 2005
Los Angeles Convention center
July 31 - August 4, 2005
-- Conference on computer graphics & interactive techniques.
-- Job listing and career resources in the Animation and
Graphics world.

# Digital Video Expo East 2005

The Leading Professional Video Conference and Exhibition. The only event focused exclusively on digital video production, post production, and delivery technology.

Conference: July 18 - 21, 2005
Exhibits: July 19 - 21, 2005
Javits Convention Center
New York, NY

Select from a one-day, two-day, or four-day conference package option and attend the following sessions:
* Studio Survival: Keep Your Multimedia Shop in the Black and on the Map
* The Lighting of Digital Images
* High-End Results with Digital Video Cameras: DV, HD, and HDV
* Studio Techniques: Photoshop CS and After Effects Integration with Results
* Audio Post Workshop
* IPTV as Video Distribution Alternative Panel Discussion
* Successfully Producing DVD Projects
* Shooting HDV for Broadcast Panel Discussion
* Legal Landmines for Video Producers and Digital Filmmakers
* Webcasting Production
* Introduction to Motion Graphics
* Lighting for DV, HD, and HDV


# Subject: Final Cut Pro vs Avid

~ Question: What is the difference between Final Cut Pro and Avid non-linear editing systems?

~ My Answer: The main difference is cost. Avid is still the leader for off-line and on-line systems both digital non-linear and now HD. It is used for 90% of hour dramas on television. The higher budget features use Avid because it is much easier to cut negative and has great tools for visual effects, better media management and a good service system. I just saw a demo on the new hot Avid system, named Adrenaline, and it was a very impressive setup. This can be used as an off/on-line non linear system which also has the capacities of HD. It is best used with shared drives and a server that connects the system called Unity. This is a very stable system. I used the Unity system not with the Adrenaline but with the Meridian and had no problems connecting all the systems to share information and media. The Avid DS Nitris is a new real-time HD uncompressed editing system with graphic and color correction with other interface. The Avid web site will have promotions and offers which are designed to help give you the opportunity to understand Avid services and solutions. Avid also provides seminars and demonstrations showing their latest solutions and products. Here is the link to
their site for more information of the above plus additional information:

But, low budget and Independent films are starting to use the Apple's Final Cut Pro system. Their new Final Cut Pro HD also has a color correction tool and the cost versus Avid is cheaper. The cost is an important factor and the new Final Cut Pro HD is showing promise. More and more Reality shows are using Final Cut Pro. Below is a link to the Apple-Final Cut Pro. Their site also has seminars and special deals and promotions.

One tick to save storage costs is to input your materials in a lower resolution and then when you are ready to output you can batch digital at the higher resolutions.

Either way, if you are interested in buying or renting editing systems, let me know and I can help you with my contacts.


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