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4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, CA. 91604

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Republic Pictures started at Radford which is now called CBS Studio Center. In 1935 Mascot Pictures, Consolidated Film Industries and Monogram pictures along with several independent producers formed Republic. It was had six sound stages, one office building, one projection room, two editorial buildings, one small mill, one small building for payroll and casting and a small transportation area. In 1963 the CBS Television Network entered into an agreement with Republic Studios. They became one of the major lessees and then in the middle of the year, CBS took over the Republic Studios.

It started out as a 5-year wall-to-wall lease and renamed the studio CBS Studio Center. The network filmed three television series: Rawhide, Gunsmoke, and The Great Adventure. In 1970, CBS purchased the studio and expanded the sound stages, the lot and the facilities. Soon after production was decreasing and they were looking for new tenants.

One of the new tenants was MTM Enterprise. They brought in Mary Tyler Moore Show and this show filmed in front of a live audience. They also produced The Bob Newhart Show, Rhoda, Phyllis, Tony Randall, The Betty White Show, and Lou Grant. In July of 1982 CBS and 20th Century Fox Film Corp formed a joint venture which included ownership and operation of Studio Center. For the first time in almost 20 years, a new name appeared on the sign above the main gate - CBS/FOX Studios. MTM remained the major tenant, producing such shows as Hill Street Blues, St. Elsewhere, and Remington Stelle.

In December 1984, 20th Century Fox sold its interest in the Studio to MTM Enterprises and on the 2nd of January 1985 the CBS/MTM Studios sign went up at the main gate. On March 17, 1992, when CBS acquired MTM's interest in the Studio, once again the sign CBS Studio Center went up over the main gate.

CBS Studio Center is a full service facility with 18 sound stages on 40 acres. There are many exterior locations in addition to 3 permanent sets; New York Street, Central Park, and Residential Street. There are 17 office buildings and 24 bungalows with 186,000 sqft. of production office space. There are 213 star dressing rooms, all remodeled within the last few years, and 9 Multi-Purpose Rooms. On-lot production support departments include Art and Transportation with gasoline storage. The Greens Department is a partnership between CBS Studio Center and GreenSet. The Studio offers facilities for the construction and manufacture of sets including a Mill, Paint & Sign Shop, and Special Effects. The Grip and Set Lighting Departments are fully equipped for both scaffold and pipe rigging. Sound and attendant facilities are on-site for both film and videotape. The Viewing Room seats 79 and is available for screenings and production meetings. Also on the lot are Todd Radford Scoring, Dubbing, Foley & ADR and a new Sitcom Room.