Sunset-Gower Studios Address & Location

Sunset-Gower Studios Address:

1438 N Gower St
Hollywood, CA. 90028

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Sunset-Gower Studios Bio:

Built in 1921 for Columbia Pictures Studios and was founded by Harry and Jack Cohn. During the 50 years on this lot, Columbia produced pictures like: The Three Stooges movies, Frank Capra's It happened One Night, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

When Columbia moved, they re-named the studio based on the streets surrounding the lot. Hence "Sunset-Gower Studios." It is busy renting out sound stages for televisions and Indie movie productions. Current shows that are filmed there are NBC American Dreams and HBO Six Feet Under. They also tape many comedies. The public is invited to these tapings. To find out whether anything is taping there right now, call Audiences Unlimited and ask them if there are any free tickets to shows taped at Sunset-Gower.

Sunset Gower Studios has a total of 16 stages for a total of over 156,646 square feet. Individual plot plans are not available for these stages. They are a full service studios that can help you with all your needs.