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Paramount Studios Address:

5555 Melrose Ave
Hollywood, CA. 90038

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Paramount Studios Bio:

Paramount Studios started in a rented horse barn near Sunset and Vine in 1913 but moved to its current location on Gower in 1926. The first movie to win an Academy Award for Best Pictures was Paramount's picture, Wings in 1927.

RKO Studios was located at the southwest corner of the Paramount lot, but it was eventually absorbed into the Paramount Lot. The decline of RKO began in 1948 when Howard Hughes, who sold it to a tire company, bought it. It was soon Purchased by Lucille Ball and Desi Anraz in 1957 and made it a part of Desilu Studios. Its neighbor Paramount consumed the RKO/Desilu property. In 1994, Viacom bought the entire studio for $10 billion. In 1999, Viacom bought CBS.

Some of Paramount's hits includes: Saturday Night Fever, Heaven Can Wait, Grease, Reds, Flashdance, Fatal Attraction, Star Trek, and Raiders of the Lost Ark/Indiana Jones.

Paramount has a lot more to offer beside their list of movies and TV shows. If you want to see a taping of any Paramount shows including Dr. Phil you should go here: This link and it will take you to the site directly for seating reservations and general show information or you can also call Paramount Guest Relations at 323.956.1777. For seating reservations on Dr. Phil, please call 323.461.PHIL (7445), or make a reservation here.

They have Professional Services that include B Tank area that is a large area surrounded by a pool that holds between 1000-2000 people. A restaurant that accommodates about 200-300 people, several parks on the lot as well as a theatre. These can all be rented our for special events. To receive more information you can call them at 323.956.8398 or e-mail them. Click here: when you get to this page, click Professional Services and it will take you to the special events page.

You can also Visit the Studio Store - The Paramount Studio Store features an extensive collection of genuine logo, feature film, and television merchandise. Store hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30pm PST. 323.956.3036.