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Warner Brothers Studios Address:

4000 Warner Boulevard
Burbank, CA. 91522

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Warner Brothers Studios Bio:

One of the most famous of studios was founded in 1923 by four brothers, Jack, Sam, Harry, and Albert Warner and called this studio Warner Brothers. Originally located in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard (now KTLA Television Studios), but in 1928 with the success of the first talkie (Al Jolson, The Jazz Singer, 1927) Warner Brothers moved to a 110 Acre Burbank lot where it is still today. Warner's at one time, shared their studios with Columbia Pictures (now part of Sony Pictures and has since moved into the old MGM Studios in Culver City).

Some of their classics are: Casablanca, A Streetcar Named Desire, Rebel Without a Cause, A Star is Born, Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?, Bonnie & Clyde, Dirty Harry, All The President's Men, and Superman. In 2001, the studio broke all records with the opening of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Warner Brothers is one of the major motion picture studios besides Universal Studios that offer a guided Tour of their studios. The tour operates Monday Through Friday: October April 9AM to 3PM, May-September 9AM to 4PM. The cost of this 2-1/4 hour guided tour is $35 per guest. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted. Group tours are also available - don't hesitate to ask for details. Children under eight years of age are not allowed. Photography is limited. They even have a Warner Brothers Studio VIP Gift Store. For more information on the VIP tour just follow the link provided http://wbsf.warnerbros.com/vip_tours/vip_tour.html