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Valencia Studios Address:

26030 Avenue Hall
Valencia, CA. 91355

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Valencia Studios Bio:

Robert Thompson founded Valencia Studios by buying some industrial warehouse and with his desire; he turned them into a group of sound stages. He was able to lure filmmakers by offering them space at 30% to 50% less than the big-name competitors. As well as persuading movie producers to film here because of the quite and not "Hollywood" like atmosphere. The Two Jakes to Terminator 2 were some of his accomplishments along with slasher films such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Part 4 to Divorce Court, and the CBS Vietnam War drama Tour of Duty were also film there. He sold the business in 1992.

Valencia Studios is 73,500 square foot production complex with six stages, control rooms, Audio rooms, Production offices, dressing rooms, and plenty of parking. Clients include Paramount Television, Saban Entertainment, etc.

Stage | Sq Feet |Dimension
1 | 12000 | 100x120x24
2 | 10000 | 100x100x24
3 | 13000 | 59x83x24
4 | 12500 | 122x102x24
5 | 6000  | 102x55x24
6 | 20000 | 219x92x24