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Hello! I have over 25+ years of Entertainment Industry experience. I worked for companies like Paramount, CBS, MTM, and Universal Studios and on such hit shows like Hill Street Blues, Evening Shade, Nash Bridges, the District, etc.


As a current Segment Producer for a local TV news station, I never imagined how difficult it would be transitioning into the entertainment industry! InsideHollywood.Info was a fantastic resource to kick start my job search in the business. The detailed directory proved to be extremely resourceful and the interactive advice was incredibly helpful when I needed more specific answers and support. Whether you are just a beginner- or have some experience under your belt, InsideHollywood.Info will equip you with the right tools to help you land the job of your dreams!

- Heidi Hageman

During that time I met and have had very close working relationships with many experienced Hollywood Professionals in various aspect of the Entertainment Industry. One day I noticed there was a lack of great information on the Internet related to Hollywood.

That is why I started the "Ask An Entertainment Professional" service -- to avoid needless delays in getting the Hollywood information you need.